Biometric Middleware Server  0.0.1
Manage database management for biometrics and identification based on biometrics.
Data Fields
dpfj_fid_record_params Struct Reference

Define image properties. More...

#include <dpfj.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int record_length
unsigned int cbeff_id
unsigned int capture_device_id
unsigned int acquisition_level
unsigned int finger_cnt
unsigned int scale_units
unsigned int scan_res
unsigned int image_res
unsigned int bpp
unsigned int compression

Detailed Description

Define image properties.

Structure defines image properties for FIDs in ANSI 381-2004 and ISO 19794-4-2005 formats.

Field Documentation

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::acquisition_level

from Table 1 in "ANSI INSITS 381-2004"

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::bpp

pixel depth, 1 - 16 bits

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::capture_device_id

vendor specified

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::cbeff_id

CBEFF product identifier

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::compression

from Table 3 in "ANSI INSITS 381-2004"

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::finger_cnt

total number of fingerprints in the record, must be greater or equal to 1

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::image_res

image resolution

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::record_length

total length of the image, including headers and all views

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::scale_units

pixels/cm (2) or pixels/inch (1)

unsigned int dpfj_fid_record_params::scan_res

scan resolution

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