Biometric Middleware Server  0.0.1
Manage database management for biometrics and identification based on biometrics.
Data Fields
dpfj_fmd_view_params Struct Reference

Define fingerprint minutiae view (FMV) properties. More...

#include <dpfj.h>

Data Fields

DPFJ_FINGER_POSITION finger_position
unsigned int view_number
DPFJ_SCAN_TYPE impression_type
unsigned int quality
unsigned int minutia_cnt
unsigned int ext_block_length
unsigned char * ext_block

Detailed Description

Define fingerprint minutiae view (FMV) properties.

Structure defines minutiae view properties for FMVs in ANSI 378-2004 and ISO 19794-2-2005 formats.

Field Documentation

unsigned char* dpfj_fmd_view_params::ext_block

pointer to the extended data block

unsigned int dpfj_fmd_view_params::ext_block_length

length of the extended data block, in bytes

DPFJ_FINGER_POSITION dpfj_fmd_view_params::finger_position

0 - 10, from Table 5 in "ANSI INSITS 381-2004"

DPFJ_SCAN_TYPE dpfj_fmd_view_params::impression_type

Table 2 in "ANSI INSITS 378-2004"

unsigned int dpfj_fmd_view_params::minutia_cnt

number of minutiae

unsigned int dpfj_fmd_view_params::quality

1 - 100

unsigned int dpfj_fmd_view_params::view_number

0 - 15

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